Monday, April 4, 2011


Lots of excuses for this one - which, I think, was my second worst 5k time ever.  It was very very humid.  I stayed out too late for the First Friday Cruiser ride the night before.  There was a BIG hill at the finish (more on that later).  And, I got stopped by a train mid-race.  Again.  Really - though this was just the little Zoo Eagle train and not an evil Union Pacific train.  I don't know what I've done to anger the train gods, but they are clearly out to get me.

Anyway - here's the start, where I'm already sweating - with Sally #1

Then, there was the run, which was scenic as we passed over the Japanesse Tea Gardens and into Brackenridge Park for a flat run.  The whole time, I was dreading The Hill the whole time.  And, then, there it was...

It's a particularly evil hill that we call the "Sunken Garden Hill" -- it goes up steep, then turns the corner, then keeps going up steeply, then plateaus for a little bit, then climbs again.  It's a monster.  But, then I made it to the top for a short downhill into the finish.  Here are the action shots from Ceci:

Yep, crazy slow hill-running chicken all the way.
Thanks to Ceci from and Scottydog for the pics

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