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So, it's Fiesta in San Antonio.  For you folks not familiar with this phenomenon, it's a crazy week where parts of San Antonio just shut down and party.  (and why, exactly, do I live here?  It's the hispanic, mellow New Orleans, without hurricane warnings this time of year.)   So, this year, with the shock of potentially not getting paid, I decided not to attend many events outside of the two Fiesta runs - but I MUST attend Cornyation - the "cheapest and raunchiest event of Fiesta."

Several weeks ago, I stood in line at the Magestic/Empire theater to get tix - this was the guy who was behind me (in the cast, getting tix for friends - we saw each other after tonight's show).

So, I managed to get us 3rd row center orchestra seats for tonight's show, which, for me, is the funniest - since the show is always a bit of dress rehearsal and, as that ^ guy said, one of their drunkest times, since they're all nervous.  But, it was in the confetti splash zone (like Sea World).

So, here goes the hilarity....First off, we saw this car in the parking garage...

but it was almost legal
And, then - on with the show --

so, thus far, that's friends, a unique cactus, an Arizona immigration skit, making fun of Miss San Antonio (how cool is that taco dress), and a fairly demented take on Sesame Street with Snookie and Katy Perry.

And then (and then) more taco and tiara laughs

 Then we hit puro Big Red

 and the excellent Ruffles getup
 And Ruffles - but not really ruffle ruffles - like this....

And one of the biggest brains behind this show. Robert Rhem.  Robert Rehm is an artist/theatre artist who lives in San Antonio, Texas. Since 1985, he has done design work for 16 Cornyations. Mr. Rehm taught theater arts for nine years at Thomas Jefferson High School (around the corner from my neighborhood) where he was also Director of Theater for the Fine Arts Magnet Academy. In March of 2005, while rehearsing for the UIL One-Act Play, he took a fall off the Jefferson stage into the orchestra pit and the accident left him paralyzed from the neck down. Despite this unfortunate occurrence, Robert remains active in the San Antonio Arts Community today.

Cornyation raises a lot of money for a theater scholarship in his name, the San Antonio AIDS Foundation, and affiliated local charities.  So, it's for a good cause.

And afterward, we have even more fun in the streets...

 Me with the Palins (Sarah got pooped out of a moose)
 And more Palins - the Palin in purple to the far right is the pregnant, but abstinence preaching Palin, and the Bristol to my immediate left is the Dancing with the stars Bristol. 

 With the hostest with the mostest - seriously, she can even talk faster than me. remarkable.
 With Big Bird
 With my favorite - the cactus
 With Elmer Fudd, the immigrant hunter
 More with our hostest (they had to do another show at 10ish, as well as 2 more per day for the next two days) - holy volunteerism!
 with "Miss San Antonio"
 With "Muslim child pageant entrant"
 With Bert and Ernie and Snookie.  I can't even describe this skit.  It also included Katy Perry and a Grease number. Excellent.
 Again, with our hostess - have I mentioned how wonderfully articulate she is?
 More with the Palins
And, yep, I couldn't get enough with the Palins.  The gal who played la la Sarah in the red on the left won best skit last year with her crew. It's really an excellent show, but I recommend that you do not buy tickets, so that I can buy mine.

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