Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lifting my spirits

After staying up last night until that dang budget bill finally passed, I crashed, still feeling the anxiety that has haunted me this week.  This morning, I headed to the (still open) Missions National Park for the Fiesta Mission 10k.

 It was VERY humid, but it was a nice run.  As I arrived and wedged my podcar between trucks and SUVs, my buddy, Ruben, came up and asked if I still had my bike in the car.  (Of course I did - since last Friday - and have not taken the time to remove it.)  He was volunteering as a race marshal and wanted to bike, rather than drive, out to his position.  So, we put the bike together, off he rode, and I headed to the run.

At around mile 2, we actually ran into the Mission San Jose, with it towering above us - so neat.

(That's the outer mission wall on the left)
Of course, there was the heat and humidity, and the bouncy bridges, to slow me down

and make me look like a crazy running chicken.
But, after the run, there were buddies and beer - the perfect thing to lift my spirits

Thanks to Tom (the guy in the reflective vest) for the pics!

After a nap, I headed out for a run and visit with Brandi Shipman, a cancer survivor, coach, and endurance athlete.  I opted to skip the trail run, but really enjoyed hearing her inspirational story.

Brandi with Doug Ratliff - thanks to Jazzy for the pics
And that was a great way to spend a day!

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