Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tired and tapering

And done:
Zoo relay - run (Brak Pak Chiks finished 8th in the women's open division)
Kids' zoo run - volunteered
Overtime - worked
20 miles - run (HUMID and tough)
House - cleaned

On the other hand:
Lawn - unmowed
Dogs - unwashed and very doggie
Driver the military foster cat - not retrieved by his cat daddy (yet).

So, all around, I'm pretty beat and tend to be nodding off anytime I sit, slow to less than 2 mph, or think about sleeping.  Hopefully, I can get some more overtime worked, the lawn mowed, the fostercat picked up, the dogs washed, some lighter tapering miles run, and some sleep - by/through Friday. 

Because I kind of have to - before I head to the Cowboys home opener at the gawdy house that Jerry built.  I'll be rooting for those punks, though, since they'll be playing the dirty, dirty Bears.  And maybe I'll even wear my cheesehead -- if I weren't so worried that I'd nod off and my buddies would make nachos out of it.

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Weather said...

That's it - I'm putting you down for a nap.