Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gwen's first race

Gwen the pitoodle has run the zoo run with me, and some other training runs, but this was her first official, chip-timed run.  We 'ran' the SNIPSA race for the rescues 5k this morning - which means we walked it, because I'm not getting taken down by a pitoodle one week before the marathon.  We had to take one poop break ('we' being Gwen) and then, at every water stop, Gwen had to take a swim and do her hippo impression in both doggiepools (which meant about 8 by the end).  So, our finish time was somewhere around 57:30 - by far my worst, but a PR for Gwen. 

I tried to give her some ugly race pic pointers at the finish line, but she was determined that they get her best side - all of them.

She was THRILLED with the 3 side-by-side doggie pools at the finish - she would wallow in one and move straight to the next for more wallowing and blowing bubbles.  I kind of think race directors should include those pools at aid stations/finish area for people races.

Thanks to Ceci for the pics - check them all out at

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Weather said...

awwwwww - so cute!! I love the pictures.