Friday, November 28, 2008


I love blue. My car is "blazing blue." My grad class ring has a cobalt stone. Most of my coffee cups, cooler, lunch box, you name it are royal blue. In those dumb "get to know your friends" chain emails, I respond that if I were a crayon color, it would be cornflower blue (Crayon's version of cobalt). So, my Mom came down before Thanksgiving and painted an accent wall a lovely lovely blue. She has mad painting skills. And Gwen the pitoodle has mad sneaky skills. I tried to take this picture in action - but I couldn't interrupt the couch infiltration to find the camera. Anyway, it took the Gwendog a good 5 minutes to sneak, muscle by muscle, her 50 pound frame up on that sofa right next to Simba the I-hate-all-creatures-but-Sally sleeping cat. Well played Gwen. And thanks Mom!

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