Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to the training schedule

Well, more or less.  I have been running a bunch, trying desperately to get (minimally) prepared for the Hartford Marathon in October.  This may be ugly - both the marathon and the pics below.

I ran the Alamo Beer Series race #2 (Battle of the Mac Pack) 16k last Saturday - but had to divide my long run and add about 6-7 miles in the morning.  So, here was the second run of the day:

It was a hot one.  So was Thursday night's Brak Pak run - here's my backside (thanks, Michele) -- as I look like a crazy running chicken - or maybe a T-Rex, chasing down small Valerie prey.  Awesome.

The after shot.  It was supposed to be 6 miles - but it was long (Joe lied!).

Next up, Sunrise 10k on Saturday, a bunch of other life stuff Saturday, and then the big bad 17 miles on Sunday.  Then?  You guessed it - I sleep.  Thanks to DL Morrison and Michele for the pics!

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