Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The best of friends the worst of ideas

Over the years, I've had (and still have) some great friends - with the worst of ideas.  There was Candide, who decided we should drive (and boat) from Massachusetts to the Bahamas - on her American Express and a Shell cards (apparently, there IS a limit at all-inclusive resorts, and PB&J is expensive when you buy it at the gas station).  And Kent, who said "a duathlon starting in a CAVE - let's do it" - and I cursed him as a 70+ year old out-pedaled me up a steep incline while my bike ran out of gears.  And the countless runs in driving rain/lightning/flooding or along a dark trail.  And one of the best - my sister and I heading to Nantucket for the Summer to 'work,' with no jobs and no money (that may have been my idea). Many friends with the worst of ideas there.  But, dangit, we had fun - every single time. 

So, perhaps the worst of ideas from a good friend occurred back in '93.  We had just finished our sophomore year at Smith College, and I planned to head off to DC for a Summer internship - unfortunately, the only (low) paid internship offer I received was with a pro-FSLN/FMLN lobbying group.  My mother wisely advised me that I may be too young to end up on an FBI watch-list because I wanted to spend the Summer in DC.  So, my friend, Tara had a 'great' idea - we join the Army, but just temporarily - "it'll be fun."  And off to Ft. Knox we went.

Basically (hee), we went through Basic Training, but had no service obligation afterward.  She was somewhat interested in the ROTC program - I just went to lose weight, get in shape, get paid, and meet boys.  Somehow, I ended up in the real Army and she did not (although that contract I signed did say I was of sound mind). 

So, flash forward almost 20 years (eek) - and it's 2012, and I busted my knee, but couldn't let a year slip by without a marathon.  So, I fished among those crazy friends for a marathon idea - that was flat and not-so-expensive.  And Tara had a great idea - we run the Hartford, CT marathon on October 13 (where she lives) - "it'll be fun."  And off to CT I go in October.  I never learn - this weekend's 17 mile training run HURT, and all I could think was "why do I listen to the best of friends with the worst of ideas?"  Because, in the end, I can say we had fun. Or, at least, didn't die?

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