Monday, August 27, 2012

Proof that lousy dinosaurs and birds are related

Well, lousy was a good way to describe this weekend's running.  I was supposed to run 18 miles on Saturday, but started late and was quickly becoming overheated in the un-shaded route I selected.  So, I relocated, but only finished about 12 miles before I decided that risking heat injury was not worth the extra training miles.  So, I'll get to make that up this weekend.  When it's just as hot.  Dang San Antonio Summers.

On Sunday, I ran the TNT Lousy Tshirt 5k.  It's really not such a lousy race - and a fundraiser for a buddy's Team In Training fundraising.  Now, don't get me wrong, it was hot and humid, and the course was about .4 miles long, but at least I felt less lousy than Saturday.  Here are some posed pics:

with my dirty ol' men running buddies Scotty (frequent fotog) and George

And here's the proof that dinosaurs and birds are related - as I finish with a combo of crazy running chicken and t-rex

 Yep, if a crazy running chicken and a T-rex had a baby and it ran a 5ish-K, this is EXACTLY what it would look like, before it matured enough that its eyes opened
Next up - making up an 18 miler and the Whine Run.

Thanks to Lisa Ramos Photography and Scottydog for the pics.

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