Sunday, July 22, 2012


Speaking of sleeping - it's what I did all day today - I woke up to eat and went back to sleep, then repeated that throughout the day.  Because yesterday was my race director debut at the Women's 5k.  But first....rewind to last weekend - the Alamo Beer Challenge 10k on the Salado Creek trails.

This race was held Friday the 13th in the evening.  I had my last physical therapy appointment earlier that day and then worked on Women's 5k stuff - so I was beat and in pain even before the starting gun.  But, I enjoyed a cold Alamo Beer after the race with buddies.

Like the bib #?  After that - this past week has been spent working like crazy on the Women's 5k.  By packet pickup on Friday, we were already up to 620 entries and 0 shirts.

Raceday started at about 4 a.m. - and it was CRAZY!  Many buddies came up to me to tell me I looked really tired (thanks, buds - but I WAS, as you can see from the pics).  This year was record-breaking - 740 ladies registered (that's almost 100 over the past record) - even with the heat and humidity.  And nobody fell out - which I was REALLY worried about.  All in all, it went pretty well.

(I was trying to be HIGHLY visible in bright colors)

Lead vehicle, courtesy of my buddy, Adrian.

 postrace interview with Beamer
 Local television anchor, Randy Beamer, presenting awards - this was 1st in the 80+ age group runner Julia Wilkerson - I created that division, since she turned 80 this Spring and shouldn't have a bunch of 70 year olds in her age group. (Man, I do look worn down and pudgy!)
At the end with Sally #1, after awards.
Post-race with the Brak Pak folks - who helped me a LOT!

The whole photo show is here 
Randy Beamer was our MC - his story should be on Beamer's World and the Monday WOAI channel 4 news.

And now, it's time for another nap - and planning for next year!
Thanks to Tom Lake, SARR, Ceci, Lisa, and IAAP for the pics!

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