Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The time I beat the Russian Gymnast

I ran the Sunrise 10k last Saturday - tough course - hot and hilly.  But, I clearly watched too much Olympics coverage and was experiencing withdrawals.  In these finish line shots, I tried for the extra artistic points - you can't see, but I was tossing one of those balls, a hula hoop, and a ribbon in the air - but I threw them REALLY high.

Then I did a quadruple back flip with a 3/4 twist and layout - and totally stuck the landing
too bad Ceci only caught my super landing - that 1/4 step did end up costing me a half of  a point.  I'm appealing.  Bella supports me on this 100%.  (Not Béla Károlyi - Bella, a cross-dressing waiter I know from my days living on Mulberry, but he's more stylish than that Romanian.)

Thanks for the pics, Ceci.  Next up - a crudload of running.

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