Monday, May 7, 2012

Catching up

Wow, volunteering to direct the Women's 5k has taken up more time than I anticipated, so I've been remiss in updating everyone.  That said, go register -- I need about 680 more participants!

So, last Saturday, I ran the Fiesta Fandango run - in front of the Fiesta night parade (largest night parade in the US, so I hear).  It was a hot 2.6ish miles - especially dressed as Santa Claus. (to encourage the masses to also register for the Santa Antonio 5k - DO THAT TOO!)

Here's the scene during the run.  Fortunately, EVERYONE loves Santa Claus (did I mention that it was around 90 degrees, with no air among all of those people and buildings?).

And here's the finish .... here I am, lurking behind cereal (killers?) - on the far left
and bam - finished.  With a very sore knee
Speaking of the knee, I put my big girl pants on again and went to the orthobutcher. Dislocated patella, then sublaxed patella, and a really slow-healing injury. Not a great prognosis - eventual partial knee replacement surgery down the road (distinct lack of cartilage under the patella below) - until then, PT and he said "I'm not going to tell you not to run."  I heard: go ahead and run until your knees blow out.  Works for me.
Thanks to Ceci, Scottydog, Tom Lake, and South Texas Radiology for the pics!

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