Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brackenridge Park running tour

Here are some pics of the running tour from a couple of weeks ago in and around my favorite park, Brackenridge --

Bushnell Apartments - less than a mile from my house
 Alamo Stadium - the largest high school stadium in Texas
Faux Bois Torii Gate by Dionicio Rodriguez - he signed it in two places and included 2 hearts (we found one) 
 Another Bushnell Apartments - it was kind of funny - the last tours were low-key, and this time, there was a pro fotog, following groups around in a car, like paparazzi.  I was highly amused.
 Looking large at Trinity University - apparently, the brick buildings (built on a hill) were constructed with layers of prelaid concrete in between the levels for stability.  My ex-husband used to lay concrete and worked on "flying tables," which always fascinated me.  So, it was strange to hear that these intermediate stabilizers were prelaid and lifted into place with cranes. 
 Lambert beach - old bath houses, repurposed as a playground
 DOWNHILL, finally (many climbs on this running tour, but back to the park is downhill)
 Trinity University
Lambert beach in the park - nowadays, swimming will likely get you arrested, but I haven't tried to push my luck on that...

Thanks to the City of San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation (and paparazzi-esque fotog) for the pics - hopefully, they'll generate some more interest for the Woodlawn Lake/Monticello Park tour in July!

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