Sunday, March 6, 2011

not tired

Well, I was when I tried to roust myself out of bed, but I received a message from Ruben to run the North Salado Creek Trail at 8.  But I made it there and it was a nice run.  It's a prepared trail from the South end of McAllister Park, through Ladybird Park, through Los Patios - then you have to hike a bit under Loop 410, and we turned around at Tobin Park.  Part of the route was boardwalk, which was a little frosty/slippery heading out, but nice coming back.  Wildlife seen:  2 cats, 3 deer (closely seen by my buddy, Johnny O).

After that, I headed to Empty Bowls at the SW School of Art.  You purchase handmade bowls and get a bowl of soup - all to benefit the SAMM shelter. So, I bought some new bowls and enjoyed cream of asparagus soup, black bean chili soup, and (my favorite) squash almond soup. 

And then I came home for a nap and am suddenly not tired, even though I could really use a nap.  Especially since I'd really like to stop watching this awful Spurs-Lakers game.  Next up - Prickly Pear 10 mile trail run at McAllister Park on Saturday.  I'm pretty sure that will make me tired.

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