Sunday, February 27, 2011

Paesano's 8 mile trail run

At yoga last week, the message was to live in and enjoy the moment, instead of racing to the next thing or the finish line.  I took that to heart and ran the Paesano's 8 mile (really 8.5 miles) trail run today - s-l-o-w-l-y.  This is a pretty technical trail run - lots of rocks and roots and side-ways type running on the side of a hill.  Today, it was drizzling, as well, so some stretches of flat rock were like ice - I traversed by shuffling sideways while clinging to trees.  Needless to say, my finish time stunk, but I lived in each moment and did not fall down, which is quite unusual for me on a trail run.

(these pics, while ugly, are of the easy part)

Unfortunately, when I returned home, there were emergency vehicles parked along the block and in my driveway.  My neighbor apparently sustained a heart attack and was transported.  This is my neighbor who has mowed my grass (just to do it), retrieved my dogs when they escaped, watered my plants, and fed the stray cats who live under his house.  He's also the one who generally has a goat, which amuses the dogs and me very, very much.  I'm hoping he recovers - whenever I run around the neighborhood, he's always my 'finish line' cheering team, offering me a beer.  I like folks like that.

Thanks to Ceci and for the pics and standing out in the drizzle!

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Sally said...

My neighbor, Emilio, was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital - I will miss him and hurt for his family