Sunday, February 20, 2011

Street2Feet 5k

Well, it was drizzly, but warm to start this race on Saturday.  Or, rather, to wait for a train to move to start this race (I swear, Union Pacific hates San Antonio runners). 

Once we got underway, this was a nice downtown race, which is rare, due to the expenses involved (closing down streets, permit, cops, etc.). 

Around mile 2 or so, a bystander near the bus station yelled me a marriage proposal (I'm considering it), and around mile 2.7, a guy had fallen and banged his head.  So, these two stops/distractions and the slick streets are going to be my excuses for my pathetic finish time. 

Next up, more excuses and an 8-mile trail run on goat trails.  Should be interesting.
Thanks to, SAMMinistries, and Scottydog for the pics

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