Sunday, March 2, 2014

Catching up - again

So, I'm still not familiar with this inflammatory arthritis thing - but IA and I are really not getting along.  I guess it is called a 'flare,' from what I have researched and written about sick and disabled people with RA/AS/IA/etc.for work - and I do not consider myself among that group of folks - until last week. 

Last week was bad.  Last week I didn't run, and it took me almost three hours and 45 minutes in the hottest shower I could manage to get to work one day.  While I was trying to get to work with my back sounding like a bag of popcorn in the microwave, I finally realized I am one of those sick people and, even though I ignore pain - there is a point where it finally tackles you.  So, crap, this makes me angry - better just keep running - but this 'flare' stuff does NOT amuse me.

So - back to last weekend - I ran the Revenge of the Nerds 5k.  My back was angry, but my buddy/race director, LauraC, really did a really nice job on this race.

 So, you are over my whining and the posed pics?  And ready for the ugly race pics....well, here you go  FRAME BY FRAME:

I'm pretty sure I crushed that guy's dream of being 9ish or 12ish or wherever I finished in the Female, 40-49 AG.  And I'm pretty sure the Russian judge gave me more points for artistic impression at the finish.  Those ice skaters were amazing - but they did not need to hit their Garmin mid-trick, so I should get at least one extra point.

Now, I'm going to go back to trying to ignore my damn back - or I'll just attack it like this

(self-defense class on Saturday night - poor girl that was my 'attacker')

Thanks to Ceci, Dulce, Michele, and Red for the pics (hope I'm not forgetting anyone).  Red took most of the finish-line pics, which are really funny in motion. 

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