Saturday, March 15, 2014

Diary of a really terrible trail runner

I'm not very good at running trails.  Scratch that - I downright stink at running trails.  I simply cannot sustain concentration while simultaneously picking up my feet to make it to the finish without falling -- almost every time.  So, a self-aware runner would avoid running trails, no?  No.  Bring on the Prickly Pear 10 mile trail run.

Historically, this race ALWAYS has cruddy weather.  This year was probably the best, but it did heavy drizzle on us for the last hour or so (and get cold).  I am still bruised from my fall at Big Bend in January - so I was running this course very cautiously and downright fraid-y. 

Here's the start - where I'm trying not to look escared and afeared.  (Don'tfalldon'tfalldon'tfall)

Cue the starting gun - and the crazy running chicken prepares for take off
And makes it to about mile 8, when the rain starts and the almost-falls start (don'tfalldon'tfalldon'tfall) - and there was about 5 pounds of mud on my shoes.  But, I caught up to Bob, who was hiking it in (fast hike - Bob hiked the mountains of Peru last June), so I figured I would just hike it in with Bob and NOT FALL. 

We totally stuck this synchronized finish.  So, I told Bob that next time, I get to beat him...
Oh, yeah, Bob turned 71 this week....
Afterward, it was a chilly and muddy celebration with Alamo Beer.

And I did NOT fall.  But, I'm still a really terrible trail runner.

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