Thursday, February 20, 2014

Race directing in SA and how I am seeded

Races have become crowded in San Antonio - and venues have decreased.  So, there is a bit of infighting among race directors, as there apparently always has been.  I try to float, run most races, and not piss anyone off.  I don't want to discount my male compadres, but I have some female race directors who serve as my best sounding boards, gripe sponges, and wonderful allies.  Two of the best are Laura Campa and La Ceci Iniguez.

And, today, while LauraC comes into landing for her race, which will be great --- this was sweet (my bib - I've never been #1 before):

I'm guessing I cannot run like a seeded Kenyan nor figure those calculations on the bib.  But I'll run my first race as numero uno (or I'm Number One, I'm Number One, as my nephews/Dad/sisters say).

Let's all just play nice - no? Namaste (but I'm number one, I'm number one) :)

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