Sunday, March 16, 2014

Donovan's 5k (St. Patty's run)

It was a bit drizzly this morning, and then there were the superstar Army Kenyan runners - those are my excuses for not winning today.  Seriously?  This (his actual chip time was 16:01 - after starting in the back and passing strollers, dogs, and Sallys) is probably the best damn excuse I've formulated:

I think he finished before we started...

 Above is a Sally sandwich.  Below is the landing of the crazy running chicken

I think I devolved to prancercizing at this point. But, there was beer to cure that..

And though we ran (far) behind the Kenyans and did not die (always my goal).  My medal is a special invisible one that even the Kenyans did not receive (for 8th, 9th, or 12th place, wherever I settled in F 40-44).

Did not die.  Did not fall down.  Did not finish last. I'm good with that these days.

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