Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2-a-day races

This past weekend, I registered for back-to-back races on Saturday - the Street 2 Feet 5k and the Be My Valentine 5k - because I love the Street 2 Feet program at the Haven for Hope, and the race director of the Be My Valentine is my personal favorite shirt printer, race director, artist, and pancake maker.  Really, I just thought I needed more red shirts.

Then, I also volunteered to be a course marshal with the Brak Pak for the Street 2 Feet 5k - thinking I could run in after the last participant, jump on a B-Cycle and make it to the second race.  But I went to law school since my math skills are poor - and I just volunteered the first race and headed to the second (more on that below).

I parked at the SAMA (site of the 2nd race, checked out a B-Cycle, and rode the mile to the start of the first race).  Here's the Brak Pak - ready for course marshal duties..

It was a lovely race, with the best weather the event has experienced.  So, after the last participant passed my post, I ran South for a few blocks to jump back on a B-Cycle to spin up to the next race, since it was too late and I am too slow to finish the race and head back.  Then, I had technical difficulties (note: B-Cycle later fixed the problems and did not charge me for the bad bike/docking station), so I had to run the mile+ to the start of the second race.  It was probably the first time I have ever 'warmed up' for a race and, with my buddy Laura riding her bike in front of me, I felt like a lead runner!

So, onto race two.....

 oh boy, do I look fat!
 with my other favorite fotog - Scottydog - disclaimer:  he DROVE to the second race
 San Antonio Art Museum

And we were off...

 and 3.1 miles later, done...

 looking bad

 looking good
looking bad

looking deflated.  (saddest crazy chicken pose ever)

And after a lovely post-race celebration, we went for lunch at the Luxury - I was really not yet asleep in this picture (I waited until I got home for a nap).

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