Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter in South Texas

It's pretty much cold, then hot, then cold, then hot, with a sprinkle of graupel.  Even though I grew up "up North," where we have almost as many words for freezing precipitation as eskimos, this past week was my first encounter with graupel. 

And I find little training value in running in cold, wet, freezy rain (or I'm just a weenie), but I did make it out to the freezy cold Superbowl 7K last weekend.  I was surprised by the number of people who did not understand why it was a 7K - but maybe they were Broncos fans, who did not know how to score 7 points.  It was one of those mornings that started out cold - and became colder.  Wiser folks wore pants.

and we're off - at least I remembered (found in the car) gloves.
at least the trees broke the wind - a little.  Afterward, we made friends with this heater, Alamo Beer, and bloody marys.  This, my friends, is why Wisconsinites drink so much beer - cold and Packers not in the Superbowl.  I had to represent my fellow 'sconnies.

Luckily, if you just wait a few days in San Antonio, it becomes 70 degrees.  This morning, I ran Ceci's pancake run - a little get together at her house where "we" run 4-10 miles (me = 4) then eat pancakes.

Of course, another polar front is due in tomorrow....

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