Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Two a days...

When I started my current job, I realized just HOW much of a hypochondriac I am.  With every file I wrote, I was sure I had hepatitis, degenerative disc disease, and even cyclical vomiting syndrome (it's real - I looked it up).  Gradually, I've convinced myself that I probably (luckily) don't have those impairments - and definitely not the prostate problems.  Yet, I remain fascinated with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - and I mentally diagnose EVERYONE around me.  Yes, even you as you read this - in doing so, you are clearly disturbed, and I am diagnosing you with bad things. 

My favorite is 'diagnosing' (NOTE:  I have NO formal medical training other than CPR and First Aid) people by their groceries in the HEB line.  Today, I determined the lady in front of me was clearly compulsive - her groceries were ordered heaviest to lightest, with coldest near the end - she has way too many cats and dogs, buys too many organic vegetables that will likely end up as compost, and she probably drinks too much Sauvignon Blanc.  Clearly a mess.  Then, I realized those were MY groceries, and my diagnosis was DEAD ON.  I love being right - mostly.

So, that's just the long way of saying I may be a little anxious/obsessive/compulsive - let's just say "not otherwise specified."  Before the Women's 5K, I sign up for every race I find, in order to market the Women's 5k.  After the Women's 5K, I sign up for every race I find, because see above.  So, I ended up registering for two races this past Saturday, compulsively, perhaps.

The first was the Fleet Feet Sunrise 5k (in a moment of lucidity, I dropped down to the 5K distance).  It was hot, but held in a nice venue, with a shady course. Here's before the race and the start:

And the finish...
Check out those new shoes!
Surprisingly (okay, shockingly), I ended up 2nd in my new old lady age group...

and we hung out in the hot, hot sun...

Then, I went home and obsessively sucked down water, napped, picked up my next race packet, drank some more water, napped some more, and got ready for the Scallywompus Battle of the Mac Pac 8K.  It was also blazing hot.  Before the race - that's water in the cup - I was still desperately trying to rehydrate and maybe trying not to look goofy.

 and we're off...

 Looking like a crazy running chicken .1 miles in - this could be bad
But I'm a SMILING crazy running chicken.
And done.  No medal for this one.  That is NOT my time (the 8K was on a delayed start).
After that, I worked on dehydrating...

And was on the lookout (paranoid?) for paparazzi
But I got over it and danced some...
with a water bottle slung over my shoulder.  Because that's how real dancers do it.
Luckily, better dancing followed.
And then I went home and obsessively drank water and slept - a lot. 

Next up is the Loteria 5K and some major housecleaning.  My OCD only applies to chores to the extent that I obsessively think about how much I don't want to clean the house and compulsively avoid such tasks by going for a run.

Thanks to IAAP, Victor, Michele, Scallywompus, and Emily Daum for the pics!

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