Tuesday, August 27, 2013

La Guerra's guide to running like a Mexican

I know, I know - I promised that after the Women's 5K and book (BOTTLE) club, I'd catch up.  Maybe I just promised that to myself, and possibly the critters and the voices in my head.  But the bottom line is - hasn't happened yet.  Maybe I'll just make a realistic goal, like I'll catch up by next year?

So, lately....I ran the Loteria 5K as a beer can. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the Mexican culture, with which I am obsessed, Loteria is "Mexican bingo" - there are character cards, and we dress as them for this race.  One is El Borracho (the drunk)...and we were his cervezas.

It was a little challenging to run in this costume, but not as hard as being a running jellyfish in the dark.  Here's how you can still look like a crazy running chicken, while costumed as a beer...

Here we go - this may chafe
And done....I was NOT actually drinking a beer along the run - our cans just fell off and we were trying to be environmentally conscious. (Our 'cans falling off' is NOT a euphemism.)

And, my second lesson for you in SA/Mexican culture is about beer salt - it is salt that you put on your beer (shockingly), often accompanied with a fresh lime.  Here are the beers with the beer salt folks - because this is how we run in San Antonio!

And then I had the pleasure of meeting Ceci's mama - in from Patzcuaro, MX

And that's why this Anglo gal is called La Guerra....

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