Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back to back - And I don't wanna miss a thing

Cue Aerosmith.  Let me try this - listen here while you read?

So, to finish out almost 65 miles of racing in January, I ran the Endurathon (hilly) half marathon on Saturday and the Herothon half marathon on Sunday.  Because, I don't wanna miss a thing (and I'm dumb).  I laid back in training - just 12 or so miles per week - but laid on the racing mileage this month.  I do NOT recommend this approach.

So, Saturday I headed out in the drizzle to run the Endurathon HM through the hills of Bulverde.  It was not pretty.

Ironically, though I did not get eaten earlier this month during ~20 miles in Florida by an alligator or 25k in Big Bend by a mountain lion/bear, I almost got crushed by a deer in this race.  But I saw a llama, a pig, goats, horses, cows, and many doggies.  But it still hurt - especially during the uphill finish - this certainly ain't pretty

And then I took some food, a shower, and a nap - and continued on the weekend-long marathon.  (Note: it's almost easier to just run 26.2 in one shot, rather than taking an 18-hour break in between half marathons).  So, I went to pick up my race packet at the expo as "Laura Guerrero" (not my usual alias - but it is now my superhero name).

and I tried to look tough - but I really just went to go eat and sleep some more.  'Cause that's what superheroes do.

And then I hit the road again for another 13.1 miles.  I won't lie - my mind was beat and my body was beat (and really not decently trained), but I did it (albeit in tights - I hate tights, but I needed some reinforcement to keep my legs and knee from spontaneously exploding).


But, there's worse --
yep, classic crazy running chicken form. Cluck cluck.

But, I am not a one-show/pose pony - I still can put on a great running zombie closer to the finish

 Wait, no, upon closer examination (I dare you to zoom that pic) - that is clearly surprised crazy running chicken form.

And then, there is that wonderful moment.  That moment when you realize that you have 0.1 miles to finish 65 miles of race route over the mere 31 days of the month.  Because you clearly couldn't miss out on a thing, because you are dumb, because it is almost done...

And then it is - in perhaps the worst finish time ever
But I finished and got a sparkly medal

So, I made it through a 5k, 197 mile relay in Florida, 25k trail in Big Bend, and 2 HMs in a month.  I didn't die, but I may need to edit my races and only do what is sensible, and not what is available.  Riiiiiiiiight - I don't wanna miss a thing.  So, next up, Superbowl 7k on Sunday.  Yeah, I don't learn lessons very well.

Thanks to Belinda, Tom Lake/SARR, and Endurophoto for the pics

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