Thursday, January 24, 2013

Big Bend 25K and insanity

In recent years, I do not know why I've felt compelled to run a bunch of longer-distance runs in January.  It's not smart, training-wise.  I train for a marathon in October, goof off but make it through the RNR HM in November, then chow and short-run my way through December.  But, then, I pile it on in January.   Because I may be slightly insane.

I have self-diagnosed a bunch of impairments in the DSM - I'm pretty sure I have most of them.  But, I'm not sure that "not missing out on anything" is a diagnostic criterion for any of those illnesses.  Perhaps under personality disorders or some sort of mania?  I have been told I (and been accused of) compulsively running; but really, my racing is part of not wanting to be left out of anything fun.  I am really agitated when I missed out on something I could have experienced - and always will participate, even at the expense of sleep.  Like I said, not a precise symptom, but I'm pretty sure I can lobby for "Sally disorder," coded as 301.!! - don'twannamissoutonanything disorder in the new DSM.

So, now that we've diagnosed me with a pretend disorder, let me offer the proof of my symptoms (since this is what I do at work - OMG - intrusive thoughts about work = obsessive disorder!).  It's really hard to do my job when I am a wicked hypochondriac.

January's plan is 65 miles of racing, with not much training.  Yep.  If you can call what I do racing.  But, there was the Cobweb 5K, the Ragnar 197 mile relay (about 20 miles for me in Florida), rest/OT one weekend, and this past weekend - the Big Bend 25k trail run.  It's a dang long drive - but this is one beautiful race (except for me)...

 Yeah, rough but beautiful.  So, after a 7 hour drive home without cruise control, I eeked out a short walk and run this week.  And I plan to run a hilly HM on Saturday and another HM on Sunday. 

I'm pretty sure there is no pill for this disorder - and, if there were, I don't take pills - but I'm pretty sure you should c'mon and join me in my mania.  Until I nap, because that WILL be happening this weekend - and maybe for the next month.

side/non-running note - CONGRATULATIONS to Gerry & Jona - I was honored to attend the beautiful Terlingua wedding

I'm technically a doctor (well, JD) - but I can diagnose Jerry as pure crazy - not for marrying a wonderful gal, but for running the 50K the next day - true insanity!

Thanks to Rose for the extra pic!  Next up: Endurathon HM, Herothon HM, SLEEP

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