Monday, December 19, 2011

Two a day

This past Saturday, I ran two races, beginning with the SARR Mission 10 miler - which was not held at the Missions this year, due to construction.  It was run at OP Schnabel park, and it was a chilly start - here's me cold:
 and with my buddy, Dulce, at the start

After the 10 miles, I went home, showered, tried to warm up, and napped.  Then, there was the Jingle Bell 5k, which I ran with my 12 year old running buddy from Girls on the Run/Girls on Track.  It ended up being 30 minutes of fartleks among 998 other runners (sprint-stop-walk-repeat), but it was pretty cool to encourage someone through her first 5k - even if it was a big chase.
here's where I look fast:
And the sprint to the finish - the one in the red shorts is the running buddy who tried to kill me
and here is my buddy and fotog, Scottydog, who also ran both races (5 miler in the a.m.) AND another race on Sunday morning - races #71-73 of the year for him, I believe.  Yep, he's crazier than me!
Thanks to Scotty, Ceci, Tom, and JohnO for the pics!

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