Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Inaugural Santa Antonio 5k

Well, we did it - we (Brak Pak) helped the BISH foundation pull off this inaugural run. And, though the weather was cruddy (drizzling and we had to change the route, due to flooding concerns), it was so cool to see over 320 Santas running to raise money for cancer research/treatment.

and here is where I can take ugly race pics even when I run the course BEFORE the race (to 'plant' the course marshals)
the eleventy reindeers I made for finisher medals
Even my friends/co-workers, Suzy and Alexis, came out to race in the drizzle!

and most of the organizing committee and volunteers
Thanks to EVERYONE for the support - we're looking at December 9 for next year!

Thanks to Scottydog and Ceci/IAAP for the pics!

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