Thursday, December 1, 2011

Running with my seeeeester

So, I have two sisters - and I love 'em both.  But one of them chronically keeps catching up to my age group - and beating me before I can get old enough to advance to the next, even tougher, age group.  I really can't wait to be 80 years old and kick some major butt.  Including my sister's 2-year younger butt.

As you may recall, this sister tricked me into running my first marathon in Dallas (read it here).  That time, we tied.  In and around and since that time, she beat me in a 5k, pushing a double stroller, beat me in a turkey trot 4 miler in my town, and just keeps running faster after every nephew she brings into life for me and my future Green Bay offensive line.

So, this past weekend, she turned an age between 35-39, and her boys (and her husband) planned an inaugural birthday 5k for her.  I couldn't miss it - so I drove out to the Seeker Ranch in Prairie Lea, TX for the big event.

In any inaugural event, there are last-minute route changes
but they got the postrace chow right!

Here's the start - it was pretty chilly and WINDY - Mom also finished (so did Dad, but he was behind the camera)
The oldest three nephews each ran at least a mile leg of the route with their mom, with the 4th son running the last .1 mile on pavement - shoeless (he wasn't being trendy - he couldn't find his other shoe).  The dog chased off cows as we ran.

coming into mile 1 - extreme danger (according to my nephews and bro-in-law, Ron, who marked/measured the route, crewed it, and transported relay nephews).
back into mile 1.5 - dodging cowpies
This was the only nephew that didn't run - he was born in July.  I'm pretty sure he'll be running by Christmas.

Thanks to Gretchen for running with me, Ron for the race, and Dad for the pics. 

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Anonymous said...

Great race wrap-up :) Thank you for driving 3hrs for a 5K --or almost a 5K. We'll just call it a 3 miler. The boys and I had a lot of fun. Ron's complaining because he didn't get to run (all talk). The ugliest race pics in this one were of the weather--brrrrr.