Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jingle Bell Run 2011

So, I've found my niche.  It's not the fastest runner.  It's not the age group finisher.  It's that runner in the costume - tonight I won the female 'Santa-est' in part of my Santa Antonio 5k get up from last weekend at the Jingle Bell Run. 

We meet at a buddy's house, run to designated houses, shout/sing carols at them until they make us stop by giving us libations and chow.  Then repeat.  But I cheated and just ran to the first house, sang/shouted/ate/drank and headed back - I can't keep up a speedy pace with some of those pros.  I didn't want to be a lost running Santa in the dark.

And then I won the costume contest (female) and was awarded a nice bottle of prosecco. 

Awesome.  And we ate and drank some more and slaughtered the lyrics to carols.  That's what the holidays are about.  Next up - holiday lights running tour tomorrow night.

In the meantime, while I was rocking my Santa suit, Simba apparently napped hard on my laptop - resetting my supersmart home thermostat to 50 degrees (really) and making the type on this page really REALLY small.  Dangit.

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Mensa Runner said...

You do seem to win all the costume contests! I'm sure this one was more comfortable than the jellyfish. Congrats!