Monday, July 4, 2011


I love my birthday.  I celebrate it for about a month.  And I give most of you the day off in my honor.  But, for the first time ever, there are no fireworks for my birthday here in San Antonio.  We're under severe drought/fire conditions, so even mis vecinos aren't drunkenly firing off bottle rockets!  But, I did get to enjoy a crazy weekend.

Saturday, I woke up late and hit my long run (11 miles) - heading out down the riverwalk from the Pearl Brewery, past the Blue Star Brewery, and past the Lone Star Brewery to check out the new opening of the Mission Reach section of the riverwalk.  It was a neat run (reminded me of Milwaukee), but it was VERY, VERY hot.  Then, I hit a dinner for my friends' 40th wedding anniversary.

Then, very early, I ran 6 miles at Fleet Feet, took a nap, and hit my friend, Rochie's house to stain her fence and clean out raingutters as part of a gals-coop we're doing.  She fed us an awesome lunch - then, I headed to Holly's pool party - fun with the tri crowd.

Then, this morning, I ran the Freedom 4 miler, which was hot and hilly - here are the pics from Tom (thanks) -

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Then, I napped HARD.

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