Monday, July 18, 2011

Women's Run 5k

I did NOT run this race.  Because I kind of (accidentally?) said I'd possibly consider directing the race, starting next year, maybe.  Translated - I was announced as the new race director for next year at this year's race.  I guess I'm in. 

I 'assisted' this year and - holy cow - it is a lot of work to put on this race!  This was the 32nd running of the race, and we had 613 runners/walkers and over 150 male volunteers.  Luckily, there were no casualties - and the top gal ran it the hilly, challenging course in 17:40ish - smoking fast.

Here's the news coverage and photo show

Beamer's coverage (including the Brak Pak finish line crew) and my almost-famousness is here

and more coverage at 10 --

Before the race with my super fotog, Ceci - click to enlarge this one - Jerome hogging the shot in back is hilarious

the Brak Pak guys handing out chips (they also handled the finish line)
pre-race yoga led by my friend, Kristal

starting line - that's my butt over there in the red/black skirt and pink sparkly hat by the lead truck (it was REALLY cool to ride in there and watch the lead gals battle it out along the course)
large and in charge?
this is the one labeled "future race director" in the slide show - eek
with the overall masters runner and walker - and Sally #1, the current race director (I'm #2)
handing out awards and door prizes with local anchor, Randy Beamer

So, this time next year should be even more interesting!

Thanks to Ceci, Tom, and Randy Beamer for the coverage.

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