Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wow tired

This was a step-down week for me, which meant running under 40 miles, with a long run of only 13 miles.  All of that should have made it a nice, easy week, but I'm still dang tired.  Saturday was the Fleet Feet Sunrise 10k - a hilly, humid course.  It felt GREAT to be racing again and, even though I was taking it easy, it was so fun to just run and race.  Here are the pics of me, apparently goose-stepping, across the finish line.

Sunday morning was an early 13 - and it hurt.  I was tired, beat, dehydrated, and just did not want to run.  I fought heartburn for the first 9-11 miles and finally barfed on Eldon Rd.  The guy on the road behind me stopped to make sure I was okay - but that was actually the best I had felt all run.

I'm really going to concentrate on getting some sleep and proper nutrition this week, so that next weekend's 20 miler does not feel so horrible.

Thanks to Ceci and IAAP for the pics!

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