Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quick race report

There should be some pics from the Rodeo Stampede 4 miler this morning, but they'll probably be delayed (not a usual race photographer).  It went well, though - I ran nice and easy and got to revisit the Red Berry Mansion grounds, where I was part of a wedding party reception several years ago.  That part was trail - nice and muddy.  As we ran into the rodeo grounds, the wafts of 'organic' material hit, and I saw a horse that REALLY wanted to run with us almost run over a runner.

Then, immediately after the finish (when my chip was being cut off), I got to feed some pigs.  At least it was a bit different for a race!  And, for those of you who don't know - the rodeo here is so big that it forces the Spurs (yes - championship basketball team) to go on the road so that the AT&T Center hardwood floor (where they play) can be covered in dirt for a couple of weeks.  That still amazes me.  Also, the #1 male ran the 4 miles in 19:34.  That's just sick!

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