Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Almost Famous Again

Yes, I am a bit of a fame whore.  (not really)  But, if given the opportunity to jump from reality show to reality show or have my pics all over the tabloids for no good reason or accomplishment, I might take it.  I'd have to see where it fell within my race schedule.

You will recall that I was last 'featured' in a running magazine in the November San Antonio Rock N Roll program.  That was a picture but no photo credit.

Well, now here is the credit, but no picture (the interviewer asked me for a high resolution pic and I told her that I had none, ugly or otherwise)!

So here it is - another brush with 'fame' --

Yeah, this is not me on the cover.  But, here's page 26:

Still not seeing it?  Well here it is, in the left corner - "Fame - I'm gonna li-ive forever..."

Sigh.  I'll take it where I can get it.  At least I tried to be diplomatic in my approach, giving a quiet shout out to the San Antonio Road Runners, Bill's Run In Texas, Bart's Scallywompus, and RNR.  You're welcome.  Now give me some press!


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's pretty famous...Too much air brushing on the cover shot though:) Think of all the great google hits of you there are out hter now! cat on keyboard...hard to type.

Sally said...

well, it clearly wasn't me on the cover -- I don't need the push up. And you know folks are thinking "that's totally not her real name!" Sure - blame it on the cat ;)