Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beach to Bay and back to reality

Well, another beach to bay marathon relay is in the books. And it was hot and a logistics problem as always. And I am now a crispy critter.

1st leg: Carloyn fell down the stairs when coming down to ensure I was awake on race morning. No major injuries, but major bruises and lumps. Then, she ran the 4 beach miles and dropped the baton. I'm sure there were many of those out there, since there were almost 2,000 teams.

High-five handoff to me (no baton) - No problems, but dang, it was hot

3rd leg handoff to Carol went well, but we still were not sure if the 4th leg running was positioned. In fact, she was. Maria worked until almost midnight the night before and changed in the car to make it to the exchange point about 10 minutes early.

Maria handed off to Janie, who had foot surgery a couple of months ago, but was back to run. She handed off to Bernice, who finished in the heat. We made it in about 4:52. Then drank beers and ate pizza in the park and headed back to the beach for bbq and party that got a bit rained out.

Now I'm home, retrieving critters (who are all doing fine), and heading back to real life.

This last picture was actually in the Corpus Christi newspaper - it's Jake (left) handing off to Joe (right) on our male masters team.

thanks to Carolyn and the Corpus Christi paper for the pics

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