Sunday, May 10, 2009

ooh baby it's hot out there

I ran Jon's Run for SIDS/Any Baby Can on Saturday. While they had many amenities, there was nobody to capture the ugly race pics I was posing. My finish time, once again, was ugly, though. While I could blame it on the heat index lately, I really need to work on speed again. Maybe I'll start dragging the dogs the 6 blocks to the track, tie them off, and run track repeats.

Tonight, I also got to assist in the selection of scholarships for runners. There were some amazing kiddos in the bunch - reminded me of a time when I had potential!!

Anyway, here is what the dogs did to fight the heat (this pool is also my ice bath after long runs. It may be time to buy a new, bigger pool):

Gwen playing hippo - and blowing bubbles - her favorite!

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Weather said...

We have one of those too! Our dogs (well Beano) loves it.