Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One-armed woman job

I scoff when I read "recommended two person assembly" in any assembly instructions. Mostly because I only have dogs and cats and no "persons" to help me with assembly. So, I can usually figure out how to assemble something upside down or sideways to do it myself. Well, with a separated shoulder, I'm not only one person, but kind of a one-armed person.
So, I worked some overtime and decided to order a new couch that I got for a steal. Before I ordered it, though, I wanted to make sure that I could move my 20ish year old hide-a-bed, heavy-as-heck sofa into the dogs' room. I measured over and over, because I live in a crooked house (doorframe is 29" at the top and 28" at the bottom for that room), and measured the angles. Anyway, I managed to tie off the bed, tip the couch, push it into the study, then push it into the doggies' room (a/k/a the room of furniture past) - in a sling. And it worked. It hurt a little - I didn't move the mattress enough and had to do a one-armed lift of the front of the sofa, but now the dogs are PSYCHED! Too bad the other couch won't get here for weeks - guess I'll have to bunk in with the doggies for naps.

In other news, Simba the cat is pissed the dogs got her couch, and I managed to run 6 miles Tuesday. They were painful and icky-feeling (unstable shoulder)-but I could do it.

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