Saturday, January 25, 2014

Big Bend or bust

How does one follow up an untrained half marathon?  Obviously - by running an untrained 25k trail run - in the middle of nowhere.

For the fourth year in a row, I made the ~7 hour drive to Big Bend National Park for the Big Bend 50-25-10 over the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. 

And, for the first, year, the border was open!  Every year, I have looked across the Rio Grande to Boquillas, MX, and watched a guy ride a horse across the river to illegally set out trinkets for sale, but the opening of the crossing continued to be delayed.  This year, I finally was able to make the trip.

First, we took the "international ferry" - yep, it's a 30 second row-boat ride.

Then (my favorite) we rode burros into town!
My leeeetle friend (I have a water bottle and my bag stuffed in the front of my jacket - I am NOT pregnant).  And here's what the ride looked like:
She was a very nice burro - who apparently really loved Rose's burro.  I am now sure I need a pet burro.
So, we formed the Brak Pak Chiks posse.  I'm pretty sure we looked scary enough to ward off any banditos.

The guys didn't want to play our burro games and walked into town.
Then, like the fine athletes we are, we prepared for the next day's 25K by consuming Mexican beer and tequila - and enchiladas.

So, then there was that matter of a 15.5 mile trail race from the mountains through the desert and on to el rio...we were perky (and chilly) at the start:

And the run was as tough and beautiful as ever.  Here are my proof of life pictures at aid stations 1 & 2 - just in case a bear attacked me, I would have proof I had made it that far...

Then, a trail gnome tripped me at about mile 10.  I sliced the tip of my right thumb off and tore up my left side - but that right hand and left arm were the things protecting my head, so it could have been worse.

So my aid station 3 proof of life picture is with the left hand, since the right was still bleeding.
But, with the help of half of Nate's toilet paper stash, I made it to the finish - to take this super cheesy (I'm not really in that much - oh yes I am - pain) finish line pic.

Then, it was homeward bound...

Thanks to Ceci, Paul, Dulce, and Nate for the pics

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