Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 has not brought new knowledge

In 2013, I ran a bunch of half marathons without training much - which was dumb.  It seems the dumbness has carried over into 2014.  On Sunday, January 5, I ran the Carrerathon Half Marathon (without much training).  It was cold, with 20 mph winds (and I didn't train).  So, we hid under the bleachers until the last minute.

Then, it was off to run 13.1 miles and not get blown away.  I won't lie - it hurt, especially the last 1.5 miles, when my calves were cramping due to the cold, poor nutrition, and (just maybe) lack of training.  So, we have some nice, ugly shots of me limping into the finish:

Yeah, that was dumb.  For the rest of 2014, I shall faithfully train for each distance.  Um, next up, Big Bend 25K.

Thanks to Ceci, Laura, and Scottydog for the pics

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