Monday, October 28, 2013

Post furlough funk

So, we're back to getting paid for working - eventually.  It's kind of still sorting itself out, but I did get a paycheck, so that was nice.  This new sign in our office really is not so nice - kind of "we spent money on this sign, but didn't pay you..."

So, the best way to fight a funk is to run some miles.  On Saturday, I did the Eastside Cemeteries running tour.  Our guide was the (very fast) Bruce, so it was really 3.1 miles of fartleks with very interesting stories.
This was a very interesting part of the cemeteries I had not visited before - the African American cemeteries.

So, I was a little sore after that for the Gusto Push 10 mile race on Sunday - 10 miles of concrete and two passes on a concrete bouncy bridge that takes my vertigo to new places.  But, in the words of my nephews, I DID it!

Here's some frame-by-frame finish line pics of me running like a crazy running chicken. 

yep - puro gallina loca.  It was humid, so we had to replenish ourselves accordingly.

No races for me next weekend - I'll continue to fight my funk by traveling to Arlington to root against the Vikings.  In a Packers jersey. 

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