Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blue my favorite color, but not my favorite feeling.  I have been trying to fight the blues since getting the ol' furlough notice and dx last Tuesday.  After the 15k on Sunday, I put together a "drag myself off the couch" list of no-expense chores that I didn't dislike.

For example:

Dislike:                                                         Notsobad:
change way-high lightbulbs (did it anyway)    plant front bed with cactus
clean house                                                  clean and PUT AWAY all laundry (did it)
weed front yard                                            play with critters and plant leftover seeds to see what grows

And, so, I woke up at a normal time on Tuesday and set forth to accomplish those "notsobad" tasks - for about an hour before I got the call to return to work on Wednesday, without pay.  Lovely.  Work was a sad place today, so I just tried to shut myself in my office and do my job.  Again, without pay.

When I got home, I thought about just taking a nap and avoiding zoo run, but one thing that always helps when I am feeling blue - running with buddies.  These days, even a bad run is the highlight of my day.  So, here we were tonight, hamming it up and showing off some new shirts (paid for pre-furlough).  I included multiple group pics because I think the progression of the doggies is hilarious - click on the pics to enlarge.

super cheesy.  And I mean Laura - I'm just semi-cheesy.
 Wednesday night zoo run regulars, including the pooches.

And many of the Brak Pak

And las chicas de el Brak Pak (if this no pay.furlough keeps up, some of us may release a calendar :)

So, to my fellow running buddies, friends, and family - I apologize for being down, blue, depressed, and anxious.  Last Tuesday hit me pretty hard, with no 'cures' in sight.  Thanks for dealing with grumpy Sally and helping me off the couch.

And thanks to Michele for doing the legwork on new shirts and Ceci for printing - and the pics.  I see the whole world and I want to paint it a lighter shade of blue.

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