Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yep, it happened

There was something I've always been quite sure would never happen, yet it did.  I never planned on making it to 40 - it was just too far.  There were times I seemed to strive to make sure it wouldn't happen in my 20s (hitching a ride back from Matamoros, Mexico in a panel van driven by strangers and rappelling off a 70 foot bridge, for instance).  But it happened.

I turned 40.  And it wasn't so bad.  My family brought me home and helped me celebrate in grand fashion, including a 4.0 mile run with my sisters - who are the ones who dragged me back into the running world after the Army.  (My folks, brothers in law, 8 nephews, and niece were 'also rans!')  Here I am with the 2025ish Packers offensive line and coaching crew...

 And they gave me 40 gifts over the past weeks - which were a welcome break among the race entries.  The last was a lovely book of thoughts from friends and family from over the years.  It is very sweet - you guys clearly do not understand the mess of a crazy running chicken zombie I am, but I read it to cure myself of those afflictions.

And, so, here was my debut as a master runner.  Being a master sure didn't make me any faster or any un-sweaty-er.  That is a word in my world.

Freeda's 5K -- 3.0 miles to go

I honestly have NO idea what I was doing here - maybe explaining my theory on how to achieve world peace?  (because it only makes sense on a run, or while drinking wine)
Okay, this can only be described as prancercising.  Note the horrified runners to my left, house right.
Luckily, I snapped back into crazy running chicken mode.  Bok. Bok.
And I finished - worst time ever in my 40s.  And my masters PR - see how that works?

After the race, I enjoyed paletas and cervecas - and pimped my race. 

If you are not registered for the Women's 5K - fair warning:  I will find you, drag my 40-year-old butt to your house and crazy chicken prancercise all over your driveway.  And, this being Texas, I'm obviously trying to make turning 41 not happen.

Thanks to Ceci, IAAP, TimC, Belinda, and Scottydog for the pics!


Oakley @ Frieda's Specialty Produce said...

Haha! Prancercize. That's awesome. I've been running 5K races here too but I had to take a month break from training because of a foot injury. I can hardly wait to get back on my feet!

Anyways. I'm dropping a line here also because you've won a prize from Frieda's Specialty Produce! Remember you entered to win last week? Yup! You're it! Check your "other" folder on your Facebook message to claim your prize. ;-)

Congrats on your run and on winning our giveaway!

Sally said...

yay free veggies! Thank you!