Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Scallywompus Alamo Beer Challenge 5k

This past Friday evening, I headed out to the Scallywompus 5k - it's the first in a series of four races.  And, damn, it was HOT.  (The next day was a record in SA - 108 degrees.  Fahrenheit.  NOT heat index.  Like I could barely touch the steering wheel hot.)

And, so, it wasn't pretty...

Sweating BEFORE the run - with the ladies of Girls on the Run San Antonio - one of my favorite groups.
And then there was the during...

The last uphill hurts.
Until I see a camera and fake happy..
or cheesy bunny - more cheesy bunny than happy.  Then, I went full out "dying crazy running chicken" at the finish

As a dear friend pointed out, at least I look more lively than #45 - but she may just be reacting to all of my chicken-ness.  (spell check just informed me that is not a word)

So, really, I mostly looked like this -

Yep, I am Seussical (spell check doesn't think that's a word, either).

Thanks to IAAP, Ceci, Robert Parker, and Scallywompus for the pics

Next up - I turn 25 for the 16th time and, somehow, become a 'master.'

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