Thursday, March 22, 2012

dang joints - all around

So, my right knee is still deformed and hurting.  The other knee just aches.  And I really, really was thinking about maybe (not really) going to the MD.  But, instead I went to the DVM - because Gwen was limping.  She hated it as much as I hate the MD:
I tried to crowd her x-ray to get a dual diagnosis for the $49 exam fee, but, apparently, all doctors are against me.  He did glance at my knee and say "wow, you need to get that evaluated."  Excellent.  The good news is that Gwen is just probably older than I think, has a shoulder strain, and osteoarthritis.  We're now on the same meds - a ton of 'motrin' and joint juice (glucosamine/chondrontrin) - but hers is beef flavored and mine just tastes like crud.

So, to heck with the docs - I ran the inaugural Alamo 13.1 half marathon on Sunday.  It was a nice race along routes I usually run, but it was hot.  I wore compression tights for my knee, even though I dislike tights almost as much as doctors - especially in the heat.  But I did get a fabulous pic!
It was around mile 4-6, and I heard the gal in the blue shorts talking
Blue shorts (to friend):  There's a photographer, pull your shorts down and smile
Me (conversation bombing):  No, no - you pose.  Like THIS!
Photographer: AWESOME.  you rock!

So, that made me feel better/ignore the knee for a bit -- until we climbed Trinity University.  Even worse was the descent.  I won't lie - the last 3 miles hurt like heck.

 But I made it and was supplied with my favorite painkiller - Alamo Ale (thanks, Eugene & Jackie!).
the bling made it hurt less too
And then I iced and rested.  Next up - 2 5ks this weekend.  Because I'm not sure which I dislike more: doctors or my right knee.

Thanks to JohnO, Yvonne, and Brightroom for the pics

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