Sunday, October 30, 2011

Running Tour of Eastside Cemeteries

I love these running tours by the Office of Historic Preservation - this one was really nice.  The weather was crisp, cool, and sunny, and they used re-enactors for key historic figures buried in these cemeteries to the East of downtown San Antonio.

‎"Sandra West" - buried in her Ferrari (right there).  We read this probate case in law school.
The son of the sculptor of Mt. Rushmore - he helped complete the project - the rock is from the site

telling us about how the Menger has a basement - where the brewer's beer was kept cold by acequias

FAUX BOIS!!!! But as a planter for live trees! and as a cradle for gravestones. I'm so rewriting my will to include this!
concept artist/architect of the riverwalk

Mahnke - a Woodman (I guess I never really understood these type of fraternal organizations) - the neighborhood where I really wanted to buy is called Mahnke Park

a stone's throw from downtown - and quite a bit uphill (we're on level with 10-12 floors of the Hyatt) - this is the Federal cemetery - where I can R.I.P., if I so chose
And US Rep Wurzbach - the ONLY TX Rep who voted FOR the federal anti-lynching bill.  Nice.

It was very peaceful to run through the cemeteries (which cover many adjacent city blocks).  I may have to add this to my run routine.

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