Monday, October 24, 2011

Back to it - home, running, and critters

So, wow - what happened?  I flew back on Monday - in from the CHI marathon, whirl-wind tour of SE WI, 20th HS reunion, and assorted craziness.  And my head is still spinning. 

But, I ran the Alamo Beer Race #4 (15k) on Saturday and felt great.  Which you cannot tell from these pics.

At the start - (Kent is shamelessly promoting the Santa Antonio 5k on December 3.  If you are in or near San Antonio, you MUST RUN it - in a (provided) Santa suit.)

And then there was the run

I was actually feeling pretty dang good - no GI issues, no 26+ miles to run, and hitting a sub-10:00 pace with no problems.  But, as my buddy, Jenna, pointed out - these finish line pics are AWESOME.

"So what DID I run that in?"

"Damn, that slow?"
"well, heck, carry the 1, divide by 60 - not so so bad"
I'm so good at hiding my emotions.

And then, it was off to Dia de los Perros  I was so busy preparing my costume for the Dia de los Muertos run  that I didn't exercise due diligence in constructing dog costumes.  So, Gwen was a lion and Dingo was a jaguar (dogs dressed as big cats - get it?)  (they have tails and ears)
 Dingo with her brindle buddy, Cappy
 Dingo teaching Cappy how to knock over my buddy, Dulce
 Gwen teaching a trainer how to give her treats even if she fakes 'down'
The remains of the leopard.

thanks to Scallywompus, SA Photographers, Kevin Saunders, and Dulce Bares for the pics.

Next up: (maybe) cruiser ride of Eastside cemeteries, last zoo run of 2011, Dia de los Muertos 8k, and Eastside cemeteries running tour - and that's all between Tuesday-Saturday. 

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