Friday, May 21, 2010

Critters and next up

Here is a pic from the dogs' stay at Green Dog Kennels last weekend

Yep, typical - that's Gwen the pitoodle taking a nap in the sun on the left and Dingo in the center rear, plotting to jump on another dog.  They had a wonderful time playing with the pooches.

Next up tomorrow - running tour of King William District and Lavaca.  Then, the farmer's market (mmmm - Sol y Luna lemon bars).  Then, release the VERY MEAN cat who was neutered today.  Then, nonstop work in the yard.  Then, baby shower. Then, long run.  Then, more work in the yard and clean the house.  Then, it's Monday again.

Thanks to Lola and Andrew for the dog pic!


Weather said...

I saw that you were tagged on facebook to the pictures. I loved that your dog was the only one all stretched out and sleeping!! Too cute. Do the dog daycare peeps post pictures each day so you can see their pups?

Sally said...

Totally typical 'mean' pit bull - taking a nap while chaos abounds! They post the pics when they get a chance, so, depending on length of stay, I can see them while traveling. The place I use is really great - they (owners) live upstairs and, within health guidelines, use as many natural, organic, and green practices as possible!