Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beach to Bay Crazy Wet Chicken

The day started out with 99.9999999% humidity when Bernice ran down, then back up the beach and handed off the baton to me.   Then, I took off like a flash.  Or like a crazy chicken running in the sand.  As I took the right turn on SPID, the 52 mph wind gusts hit.  Then, about 1/2 mile later, the pouring rain came.  And continued for the next 4-5 miles before I handed off to Debbie.  It was tough - I think there was some hail in there too, but it could have just been the wind driving the raindrops into me.  I had my hat pulled down as low as possible and kept my head down.

So, here are my pics of me as the Crazy Wet Chicken.

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Weather said...

that sounds horrible :(
glad to hear you survived the elements (hail? ouch)