Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ah, Saturday

For once, I decided to skip the races this morning.  Instead, I met up with folks at the San Antonio marina for a historic running tour of downtown.  Yes, San Antonio has a marina - it's right by the courthouse - who knew?  The Office of Historic Preservation hosted the tour and it was so much fun.  We ran to La Villita and on to the Alamo, where I learned that the only body not burned on the pyre after the seige of the Alamo was Lasoya - because his brother fought for Mexico and Santa Ana allowed him to retrieve his (Texas) brother's body for a proper burial.  Then we ran to Veterans Memorial Plaza, where I learned that the at the opening/presentation of the Korean War Memorial in the plaza, the heads of the sculpture had not arrived in time (typical San Antonio), which was quite an embarrassment.  Then, we hit Main Plaza, the Riverwalk, and part of King William District. 

These are all places I normally run, but it was neat to stop and hear the history.  I am going to take another running tour of the King William District and Lavaca in a couple of weeks. 

Then, I hit the farmer's market at the Pearl Brewery for a breakfast taco and fresh produce.  On the way home, I stopped at an artists' fair in Monte Vista. 

Once home, I released my latest catch - a little gray cat who I neutered (not personally) on Friday.  While I was releasing the cat in the backyard, Gwen the pit bull stole my loaf of bread from the farmer's market bag.  At least she shared it with Dingo.

Other than that, it was a nice way to start the weekend.  Next week:  Beach to Bay Marathon Relay!

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